2016 Pilbara Craton field trip

This field trip is part of the Australasian Astrobiology Meeting in Perth, AU. An international group formed by biologists, geologists, geochemists, chemists, and physicists, is leaded by Prof. Martin van Kranendonk and Tara Djokic (UNSW). We investigated all of the major localities with claims of early life, and the habitability of the early Earth environments.

This fieldtrip was funded by the Elliott Field Fund awarded by the Dept. Earth & Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University.

2016 Yellowstone field trip

This field trip is part of the Second DCO Summer School organized by the Deep Carbon Observatory. An international group of early career scientists and ten instructors with various backgrounds attended this event. The field trip is mainly to examine the tectonic settings and biological and geochemical characteristics of the hydrothermal activity. We also worked together to sample the fluid and gas from the low-T hydrothermal vents.

The summer school is fully supported by the Deep Carbon Observatory.