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I was born as the second child of the family in a small village of Liaocheng, Shandong Province, China. My childhood as a shepherd led me to the close observations of wild life and environment. My father further inspired my interests in natural sciences, especially chemistry as the teacher in my primary school. After three-year (2005-2008) high school study in Shenxian No. 1 Middle School, I was enrolled into Dept. Geochemistry & Environmental Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). During my undergraduate program, I obtained knowledge of environmental sciences, geology, chemistry, and biology, and identified my research interests in the evolution of the Earth system under the influence of Prof. Xiaodong Liu, Prof. Xin Zhou, and Prof. Liguang Sun. My undergraduate research projects and thesis were about reconstruction of paleoenvironment and extreme events using sedimentary records from islands and shallow marine.

In Aug 2012, I was enrolled in the Dept. Earth & Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University for the PhD study in Geochemistry under supervision of Prof. Dimitri A. Sverjensky. My PhD program investigated thermodynamic modeling of weathering and riverine transport on the Archean Earth. I'm interested in simulating the speciation and mobility of trace elements (e.g., Cr) under ambient and high T-P conditions using thermodynamic tools such as SUPCRT91, EQ3/6, and the Deep Earth Water (DEW) Model. Since June 2013, I started conducting batch adsorption and hydrothermal experiments as a visiting student and later Predoctoral Fellow (2014 summer-2016) in Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington (GL-CIW) with Dr. Robert M. Hazen as the mentor. I performed both experimental study and theoretical simulations covering several topics related with origin of life, e.g., surface adsorption of amino acids on mineral surfaces at ambient systems, and stability of amino acids at hydrothermal systems. During the PhD study, both Dimitri and Bob also inspired my interests in the mineral evolution/ecology studies, and using big data to explore geological and geobiological problems (Keck DTDI project). In GL, I was trained by Dr. George D. Codyand Dr. Dionysis I. Foustoukos for hydrothermal experimental techniques. In November 29, 2016, I finished his PhD with the thesis entitled "Geochemical Signatures of Weathering and Surface Water Chemistry in the Late Archean".

From December 2016 to August 2019, I joined Laboratoire de géologie de Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon1 and École normale supérieure de Lyon as a postdoctoral fellow under the supervision of Prof. Isabelle Daniel. My research focused on the role of mineral surfaces in the origin of life studies (PREBIOM project). In addition, I conducted some experimental studies on the partitioning behavior of amino acids in eutectic aqueous systems under ambient and high pressure conditions relevant to early Earth and modern icy planets.

Since September 2019, I started working on EGNIMA Project in Rutgers University as a postdoctoral associate under the supervision of Prof. Nathan Yee and Prof. Paul Falkowski. My research will focus on photochemistry under the early Earth and planetary conditions.